July 2017


(Birmingham, AL) —Birmingham-based Jemison Metals was named Physical Metals Service Provider of the Year by S&P Global Platts at an event held in London. S&P Global Platts is a leading global energy, metals and commodities information provider, and their annual awards event recognizes exemplary performance in 15 categories spanning the entire steel, metals and mining complex.

The independent panel of judges credited Jemison Metals with “leveraging technology in innovative new ways to improve productivity for customers.” Jemison enjoys a 99% customer retention rate, 98% on-time delivery rate, and has grown its market share by 17.7%. This growth and retention performance is a testament to Jemison’s cornerstones; on-time, highquality, in-stock, and personal service. With entrants from 18 countries, the Platts award is one of the most respected in the industry

“Winning an award on the international stage is always an honor” said Pete Heinke, Jemison Metals CEO, “but this one is particularly meaningful because it recognizes innovations we made on behalf of our customers, toward enhancing their experience. Our strength lies in our ability to work in unison with our clients to optimize their supply chain and drive out waste wherever it hides. The processes and best practices we develop support that effort. We’re more like a supply chain company that happens to be in the steel business.”

Jemison Metals is a leading provider of carbon flat-rolled products. Jemison has a 125 team members, in 5 facilities within four states including; Alabama, Virginia, Ohio, and South Carolina. Visit jemisonmetals.com

S&P Global Platts is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI), which provides essential intelligence for individuals, companies and governments to make decisions with confidence. For more information, visit www.platts.com.

July 2016


(Birmingham, AL) —Birmingham-based Jemison Metals has been recognized by the American Metal Market at the national Awards for Steel Excellence . At the annual convention in New York, Jemison was named Most Outstanding Service Center.

Nominees were judged according to a variety of criteria including customer retention rates, customer service initiatives, technological innovations, operational improvements, and sales performance over the previous year.

From the American Metal Market: “(Jemison’s) retention and customer satisfaction goes beyond industry standards and calls attention to its ability to provide value added services to customers, such as seamless service and execution through contract management technology; extensive industry knowledge and experience; effect cost-saving initiatives; supply chain optimization and competitive, transparent pricing; and strategic purchasing programs.”

Jemison Metals experienced a 99% customer retention rate in 2015 and a 98% on-time delivery rate. Additionally, while the carbon flat-rolled steel industry saw a 7.2% decrease in shipments 2015, Jemison Metals increased their shipments by nearly 6%.

“Our team has planned for and pursued elite customer satisfaction for many years,” said Pete Heinke, CEO at Jemison Metals. “Our baseline of operational efficiency allows us to focus on developing innovations that affect our customers’ bottom lines. Being honored for it at the national level is certainly gratifying and is the result of each and every team member in our company making a priority of customer relationships. We are grateful for those loyal relationships, and we’ll continue to work to earn their loyalty.”

Other finalists included Worthington Industries of Columbus, Ohio, Klein Steel Service, Inc. of Rochester, NY, Midwest Materials, Inc. of Perry, Ohio, and Pacesetter of Kennesaw, GA.

Jemison Metals is a leading provider of carbon flat-rolled products. Jemison Metals has 125 team members and in four states. With 412,000 square feet of warehouse space, Jemison has facilities in Birmingham, Gadsden, and Decatur, AL, Lynchburg, VA, Cleveland, OH, and Sumter, SC. Visit jemisonmetals.com.

December 2015

Jemison Metals agrees to purchase O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals’ Lynchburg Virginia Facility

Jemison-Demsey, LLC d/b/a Jemison Metals Birmingham, Alabama, has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the assets of the Lynchburg Virginia facility of O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals, Brighton CO. The transaction is scheduled to close on or before December 31, 2015.

In announcing the intent to purchase, Peter Heinke, Chief Executive Officer of Jemison-Demsey, LLC said:

“All of us at Jemison Metals are extremely excited with the opportunity the Lynchburg operation presents Jemison to grow our business and expand our geographic footprint. We see the Mid-Atlantic area as an important and growing market in the metals sector and we are committed to building on the excellent reputation O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals has earned in their many years of serving this market. With that said, we want to emphasize that our immediate interest is to provide the existing Lynchburg customers, suppliers and employees with the confidence that Jemison Metals will be a good business partner. Our highest priority is to earn their trust and respect through our unwavering commitment to service excellence and by creating a “great place to work” for all of our employees.”

The Lynchburg facility will become Jemison Metals fifth processing location. Other locations include: Cleveland, Ohio; Sumter, South Carolina; Decatur, Alabama and Gadsden, Alabama. Jemison- Demsey, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metal Solutions, LLC a Delaware corporation.

Pete heinke3

Peter Heinke

Chief Executive Officer

In the metals industry since 1973.

Education: Moravian College – BA, Economics; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – MS, Management.

“I don’t believe we have a corner on the market for smart people. There are lots of companies with lots of smart people. But what we do have is a group that asks smart questions and has the intellectual drive to dig a little deeper to find things others miss, because they fail to look.”

Point of pride: Challenging conventional thinking.

Dave pratt

Dave Pratt

Executive Vice President - Materials & Operations

In the metals industry since 1981.

Education: University of Kentucky – BS, Biology.

“Personal service, quality metals, in-stock, and on-time is the foundation. You have to have a solid foundation. But, we believe customers should expect more. Winning bids is about doing more than is expected and doing it consistently.”

Point of pride: The honesty and integrity found in measurable results.

Randy richards

Randy Richards

Vice President of Operations

In the metals industry since 1981.

“This is the metals business. Steel and fluff don’t mix. Customers come to us for a lower cost on the spec they have to have. They don’t have any wiggle room with their customers, so they can’t afford to have any with their suppliers. We get that. We get that from corner office to the plant floor.”

Point of Pride: Cutting cost without cutting corners.

Rick rowland

Rick Rowland

Senior Vice President Quality and Plant Engineering, Metallurgical Engineer

In the metals industry since 1995.

Education: Missouri University of Science and Technology – BS, Metallurgical Engineering; Drury University – MBA.

“The better we understand a customer’s exact engineering needs, the better we can help them find cost reductions. So often, the questions that could lead to breakthrough reductions are left unanswered because the service center fails to ask. At Jemison, we ask.”

Point of Pride: Asking the right questions at the right time.

Christopher sweet tie

Christopher Sweet

Executive Vice President - Business Development

In the metals industry since 2000.

Education: Samford University - BS, Business Management.

“Added value and four dollars and seventy-five cents will get you a pumpkin spice latte. That means added value isn’t worth anything if it does not subtract cost. Subtracting cost is where the sale starts for us.”

Point of pride: Being a great listener.

Bill hornfeck

Bill Hornfeck

Vice President North Region

In the metals industry since 1993.

Education: Westminster College, Pennsylvania – BA; Duquesne University – MBA.

Point of pride: Fostering creative problem solving.

Craig mathiason tie

Craig Mathiason

President & Chief Operating Officer

In the metals industry since 1994.

Education: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – BA; Washington University, Olin School of Business – Strategic Metals Management.

“I don’t believe sales is about selling. It’s about finding and making. Finding the points of hidden waste in the supply chain and making a difference in a customer’s bottom line. It’s only a great relationship if it’s real and it’s measurable.”

Point of Pride: Looking at every penny.