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Jemison Metals is a leading supplier of carbon flat-rolled products. We win bids by driving out inefficiencies and return enduring value by finding lasting cost reductions throughout our customer’s supply chain.

Added value plus a buck twenty-five will get you a cup of coffee.

For us, adding value begins and ends with subtracting costs. On-time, in-stock, with great quality and personal service is not added value - it’s what you should expect. Every time.

We dig deeper and think smarter to find real savings, massive savings, that you can see at the bottom on a P&L or feel on the stock ticker. That’s what drives us. That is what we value.


About 40¢ of every dollar you spend on metal is spent on something other than metal.

Dollar guide

And in many cases, it’s even more than 40% - everything from yield loss to transportation cost to administrative and finance expenses. And at 40 pennies per dollar it adds up to millions. At Jemison Metals we unpack the costs within each element of the supply chain and examine, closely, each and every penny. While we thrive in the competitive bid process, we have learned that it only focuses on two major costs: the price of base metal and the supplier’s margin. It is blind to hundreds of costs and dangerously slow to react to millions in real savings. So, while we win bids through the competitive process, we win customer’s for life by digging deeper and exposing waste throughout the system.


Illuminate and eliminate.

Information is the currency we trade in. The more you share and the more we learn, the more we are able to shine light on the waste hidden in your supply chain. We then work to eliminate that waste, whether it is in yield loss, scrap, transportation or any of the hundreds of other places profits like to escape from. We are informed when we buy, knowing where efficiencies can be found. And we are transparent when we sell, showing you all of the costs in the job.

We work this way, because we are not simply trying to win a bid. We intend to win customers for life.

Pete heinke3

Peter Heinke

Chief Executive Officer

In the metals industry since 1973.

Education: Moravian College – BA, Economics; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – MS, Management.

“I don’t believe we have a corner on the market for smart people. There are lots of companies with lots of smart people. But what we do have is a group that asks smart questions and has the intellectual drive to dig a little deeper to find things others miss, because they fail to look.”

Point of pride: Challenging conventional thinking.

Dave pratt

Dave Pratt

Executive Vice President - Materials & Operations

In the metals industry since 1981.

Education: University of Kentucky – BS, Biology.

“Personal service, quality metals, in-stock, and on-time is the foundation. You have to have a solid foundation. But, we believe customers should expect more. Winning bids is about doing more than is expected and doing it consistently.”

Point of pride: The honesty and integrity found in measurable results.

Randy richards

Randy Richards

Vice President of Operations

In the metals industry since 1981.

“This is the metals business. Steel and fluff don’t mix. Customers come to us for a lower cost on the spec they have to have. They don’t have any wiggle room with their customers, so they can’t afford to have any with their suppliers. We get that. We get that from corner office to the plant floor.”

Point of Pride: Cutting cost without cutting corners.

Rick rowland

Rick Rowland

Senior Vice President Quality and Plant Engineering, Metallurgical Engineer

In the metals industry since 1995.

Education: Missouri University of Science and Technology – BS, Metallurgical Engineering; Drury University – MBA.

“The better we understand a customer’s exact engineering needs, the better we can help them find cost reductions. So often, the questions that could lead to breakthrough reductions are left unanswered because the service center fails to ask. At Jemison, we ask.”

Point of Pride: Asking the right questions at the right time.

Christopher sweet tie

Christopher Sweet

Executive Vice President - Business Development

In the metals industry since 2000.

Education: Samford University - BS, Business Management.

“Added value and four dollars and seventy-five cents will get you a pumpkin spice latte. That means added value isn’t worth anything if it does not subtract cost. Subtracting cost is where the sale starts for us.”

Point of pride: Being a great listener.

Bill hornfeck

Bill Hornfeck

Vice President North Region

In the metals industry since 1993.

Education: Westminster College, Pennsylvania – BA; Duquesne University – MBA.

Point of pride: Fostering creative problem solving.

Craig mathiason tie

Craig Mathiason

President & Chief Operating Officer

In the metals industry since 1994.

Education: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – BA; Washington University, Olin School of Business – Strategic Metals Management.

“I don’t believe sales is about selling. It’s about finding and making. Finding the points of hidden waste in the supply chain and making a difference in a customer’s bottom line. It’s only a great relationship if it’s real and it’s measurable.”

Point of Pride: Looking at every penny.